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October 18, 2018
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September 20, 2018
Starting From Scratch
July 1, 2018

Starting From Scratch

July 1, 2018

Why are my blogs starting at ground zero?  Well, let's just say that I am not a big fan of my hosting service at this time.  In June of 2018, they had a HUGE malfunction and at least one of their servers went kapoot and thousands of customers lost their websites.  I mean lost, as in no backups or way to reupload anything.  The company sells basic "templates" as part of their service and therefore do not allow customers to download a copy of their website on their own computer.  What this means is that if something happens at the hosting company, all your hard work is gone...forever.

So being that I have five websites with this company, (portrait, corporate, high school senior, wedding and an online gallery site) I had the misfortune of three of my websites disappearing into thin air.  Yup, time to work 24/7 to get something back online again!  I decided to look at this as a fresh start.  There is no way I can remember everything I had designed on my old websites so time to start again and hopefully have something my customers still love.  The only bummer is that I just redesigned my high school senior and portrait sites last year so time to do this all again.

Do I feel sorry for myself?  Sure.  Will I wallow in self pity?  Probably not.  I try to be the "half full" type of person so I will find that "there's a reason for everything" attitude and try to make 2018 a new start for myself.