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What To Wear?

"Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself." —Oscar de la Renta

I am constantly asked, "what should we wear?"  This is actually the best question to have for your upcoming session!  What you wear for your portrait session will set a tone and either put the focus on your faces or your clothing.  I only have four rules for a great wardrobe choice: 
1.  Stick with solids.  Prints are busy and distract.
2.  Keep it to three colors for the entire family.  It's important that your colors tie you in with each other.
3.  Keep within one color palette.  The three basic pallettes are earth tones, jewel tones, and pastels. 
     I will discuss which look better with what type of session below.
4.  Black goes with everything!  Well, maybe pastels not so much, but I always love how great black looks in photos.

Some other basics to keep in mind is to dress from head to toe.  What this means is that you should remember to include accessories such as jewelry, scarves or hats to polish your look.  And please be sure to wear nice shoes.  Not "nice" as in dress shoes, but rather nice as in clean and they blend with the rest of the outfit.  I've seen clients wear beat up shoes or shoes that don't match the clothing dozens of times throughout my career thinking that I won't do any full length photographs.

Now getting back to color palettes, pastels look best at the beach.  The colors in the background at the beach include white, tan, blue and black.  Because it is a high key background (light), pastels and earth tones will blend nicely.  For park sessions, I recommend sticking with either earth tones or jewel tones.  Again, because of darker background colors, these palettes will compliment the trees and other nature backgrounds.  My #1 least favorite color?  White!  Why white, you ask?  Because white tends to wash out most complexions and more importantly, your eyes will always focus on the lightest portion of the photograph so your white shirt will compete with focus on your face.  And if you're curious what colors fall into what categories, here's a quick list:

Earth Tones:  Brown, tan, hunter green, burgandy, navy blue, pumpkin, dark gold, etc.
Jewel Tones:  Ruby red, emerald green, sapphire blue, amethyst purple, etc.
Pastels:  pastel pink, pastel blue, mint, aqua, lavender, etc.

Still not sure what to wear?  Feel free to call me and I can most definitely help!